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That Time I Got a Hex Put On Me.

A couple of weeks ago I had a buyer upset that an item they purchase went on sale.  She wanted a partial refund OR wanted to return it and purchase it at the sale price.   We have a public rule that states “we do not give refunds on previous non-sale orders.”  I offered a full refund once the item was sent back.

(I know that it would be easier to give a partial refund.  This is not my account, and I follow the rules that have been set forth for me.)

Of course she could not just accept the label and send the item back.  Instead she opened a return request, then a PayPal request.  The return request was closed because you can’t have 2 requests opened at the same time for the same item.

She made some feedback threats on this item and on the other items she had purchased.  She left a message for me saying she was a “practicing witch and was going to put a hex on me”.  At this point I was not too worried but I blocked her from purchasing from us again.

She sent several messages through PayPal not wanting to send the item back. Time was dwindling and she ended up sending it.  When it arrived she was refunded.

Here comes the good part:

She systematically opened a SNAD return request on eBay and left a negative for each item that she purchased before that original non-sale item that she bought.

FOUR of them.

FOUR negatives and 4 open SNAD claims. She also put bad reviews on the company’s Facebook, website  and several other complaint sites.

Each return has a special note for me.

The notes are custom written for me and because they lack kind words and grammar, I probably should not post them here.  But I can tell you one of them said; “I am a retired person of great wealth. You are missing out on my purchases.  There are other sellers out there, I will buy from them.”

Please do.

Did the Hex work? Who can say? eBay removed the negatives, and a this point I’m glad to move on from this bizarre experience.  What is you most bizarre eBay experience?

Vintage Children’s Halloween Costumes: Something to sell on eBay

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vintage Yankiboy, 1920's adult costume

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