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Tuesday’s To Do List


Tuesday's To Do's

  • School the Monkey's
  • Dinner = (you guessed it right?) Tamales, beans, cilantro lime rice, and tacos
  • Meeting @11:00 am
  • Write and send in article
  • Send email to State Representative
  • Work on 3M Video
  • finish writing the last 3 tips
  • work on webstore

It’s a Dirty Job.. but someone’s Gotta Do it..

I love mike rowe, Dirty Jobs

Since I feel like my house is a disaster.. I thought I would show

you Mr. Dirty Jobs himself.. Mike Rowe.  You should know  I

love dirty jobs.  I just wish I could figure out how to get him to

come do my eBay “Dirty Job” for a day.

1. Clean

2.  Figure out some shipping issues on some large things

3. Write up some eBay Stuff.

4. buy some more birthday presents

5. Take monkey’s to dance

6. Make sure #1 plant flowers

7. Make my May Calendar

8.  Dinner =  Meaty Spicy Spaghetti, garlic bread

9. Figure out what books I need for school next year

10. Write Article

11. Send email out to Youth.

Saturday’s To Do List

  • Take #3 to dance team.
  • Pick up “that Westly” kid
  • Work on a few eBay things.
  • Dinner=Fajitas, enchiladas, spoon bread, cilantro lime rice and some dessert.
  • pickup the house
  • go over Sunday School lesson
  • plant vegetables and flowers  (it rained too much for this..)
  • maybe work on #3’s Lazy Girl purse (if she’s ready to start it)

Friday! Friday! Friday! To Do List

Savannah Georgia.. I was there a few years ago.. and I wish I could go back..

If I could move one place.. it would be here.  I SO love Savannah.

1.   Buy some tote bags for Winter Fun 2011 (they are 50% off..)

2. Dinner= steak, baked potatoes, green beans, garlic bread

3.  Call make appts to pick up church’s eBay stuff.

4.  Write up some eBay stuff..

5.  Make #2 pick the books up and take them to the basement.

6. Watch LOST disc’s that I received from Netflix.

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