That Time We Rescued a Cow

I was almost home.. driving down my my dusty gravel road and I saw a cow.  I kind of like these cows.  They are not mine, but I see them almost everyday when I leave our house.  On this night I thought it was weird that there were only 2 cows in the field… and one seemed to be staring at the tree.



I slowed down to check out what was going on and realized that the baby cow was stuck.  We could not get a hold of the cow’s owners.  I thought I would walk out into the field and help the cow get out, but The Man said “you don’t have on the right shoes.”  That’s crazy talk.. because if you know me.. you know I always have on the “right shoes”.

20160829_193717.jpgYou can’t see The Man he’s behind the tree.  That’s #3 she apparently has “the right shoes” and went out to help.


Here’s Elvis.  He came down to see if we needed help.

20160829_194035.jpg#3 needed a Fatherly escort back to the fence, while Elvis keeps a watchful eye on Mamma Cow.


#2 brought tools just in case we needed to cut the tree.


Our neighbor Josh stopped by and he tickled the cow’s chin and he lifted it up enough and was freed.


See you later cow #236

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