The Day Bessie was Rescued

My day started out pretty normal.. `I woke up four teenagers to have them help me at an estate sale.. then left with them, headed toward Lee's Summit, Mo.  We got about 2 miles from my house when I saw something small and black laying in the middle of the road.  I live in the country, so I wasn't sure what it was.  It could be an animal, shoe, shirt, dirt, car part.. you name it! 

As I got closer to it, I realized it was a tiny kitten, just laying in the road.    I had to turn around to go back and see if she was ok.  #2 hopped out of the car and tried to pick her up.  She hobbled away from him and hissed, but, being the fearless kid he is.. he picked her up anyway..

She was soaking wet from the rain… and  we thought she might have a broken leg.  I took her home to #1, and called my good friend…. Belinda to see if she would take "Bessie" to the vet.  I was sure Bessie had a broken leg; #1 and I pretty much thought that the Vet would probably put her to sleep…. But as it turns out, Bessie just has a small fracture, and some road rash.  The vet said she needed to be still and it will heal on it's own.

She's currently relaxing and healing in my bathtub.



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