The eBay Thief is Back!

Back in April I wrote a blog about an eBay buyer/seller  that was trying to pull a scam on me.  You can read that blog here.

The buyer purchased an item from me said it broke, and refused to send back the package or have UPS pick it up.  I called eBay and they closed the case in my favor.  The buyer opened a chargeback with PayPal.  While on hold I Google’d the buyers name and looked at their Facebook page.  I saw that they had my item (that they said was broken) on Facebook SELLING IT.

I had blocked the buyer when this happened.  Apparently they can still make an offer even when they are blocked.


I called eBay and they told me they would look into the problem.  I don’t see the buyer on my blocked list, but I can’t enter it add it again either.


I entered the user ID correctly and it stated that user ID was not valid.

I called eBay Customer Service and she put me on hold… Came back and said:

I think that user ID was removed and then re-instated. Which might be the explanation for why it’s not showing up on your blocked list.  Wait. hold on. I’m going to put you on hold.”  

I wait.. she comes back on:

“Sorry for the delay.  I really can’t share  with you what happened with this account, but I can tell  you she’s been reported, and if it’s ok with you I’ll make sure she’s on your blocked list.”

Hopefully she won’t darken my eBay doorstep again.

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