The Mother of All Lists..

Sweet mother of pearl…

You probably know I like lists.  I thought I would share a couple of lists I made this weekend… because well… it's what I do.

Dinner/Plans tentative for the next few weeks.

  • Sunday (today)  Thanksgiving Dinner at Church, Dance practice, pretzel dogs
  • Monday: Turkey Pot Pie, Dance, library program, Mission Trip Meeting
  • Tuesday: Chili Mac, Game Night and Awanas Skating
  • Wednesday: Beauty appt, Lunch with Family and dinner leftovers.
  • Thursday: Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Friday: Leftovers, Black Friday stuff
  • Saturday: Fried Chicken: (wrap packages)
  • Sunday: Turkey Tetrazzini, Church,
  • Monday: Pot Roast, Stalking trial, Dance
  • Tuesday: Swiss Steak
  • Wednesday:  dinner out, Youth Group, market delivery
  • Thursday: Chili, Girl Scouts and Market
  • Friday: Tacos, Market
  • Saturday: Steak
  • Sunday: Dinner Out, Church and Advent Craft night

Thanksgiving grocery list

potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, French bread, corn bread, sausage, chicken broth, pecans, brown sugar, green beans (fresh), cream of mush soup, onion, crunchy onion, bacon, karo dark syrup, eggs, flour, sour cream, milk, cranberries, sugar, jelly cranberry stuff, water chestnuts

Thanksgiving Meal:

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, dressing, garlic green beans, praline sweet potatoes, home made croissants, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and chocolate cake.

Miscellaneous list of stuff to do

  • Clean behind the chair
  • Clean up the toy area
  • Girl Scout Cookies.. what the hell do we do with those? Sell them would be good.
  • Christmas stuff up
  • Pictures in frames
  • Clean out freakin' car
  • Calendar up with velcro
  • advent craft list
  • Clean green bathroom
  • Get the bumpers back in #6's bed
  • Dirty Clothes down
  • mop and vacuum floors
  • Clean ceiling trim
  • stairs: clean and vacuum
  • Wipe down walls and the grubby light switches
  • School room clean up
  • Get my timeline read with pictures
  • Christmas list from children
  • start croissants


  • Change for Girl Scout Cookies
  • Get $ for Jodi
  • Shower baskets for each child
  • strips of velcro

Potential Advent Craft List

  • Family plates
  • Glass ornaments (to paint)
  • Holiday cards
  • Bird ornaments
  • gift tags
  • decorate cookies
  • something with clay.. I'm just not sure what
  • Cinnamon "puffy" ornaments
  • Picture frame
  • Small felt stocking
  • melted snowman ornaments
  • some kind of tree

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