Three Down Four to Go? A Trip to Fry Orthodontics

Yesterday was the big day for #3.5 to get her braces.  You may remember that #2 and #3 are currently in braces.. I blogged about it HERE  If you live in the Kansas City area.. you should check out Fry Orthodontics.  They have a fabulous staff, their prices are good, they are easy to work with, and have a bajillion locations!  If you go tell them the Eads sent you 🙂

Fry orthodontics specialists, braces, new braces

#3.5 before braces…

Waiting… #3.5 and #3.

Fry orthodontics

Brackets almost on.

Almost done.. just need the wires.

Fry orthodontics

#3.5 done!  She looks pretty dang cute huh?

Fry orthodontics Ottawa, ks

Three (of the seven) children with their braces on!

#2 has another 2 years with his braces… #3.5 has 11 months and #3 has only 3 months left!

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