Thursday’s To Do..

the man and the queen, eBay Queen

Thursday's To Do..

  • work on logo for The Man
  • fix pictures
  • article
  • plan youth Group for next week
  • upload photos for new frames
  • make children clean
  • Visitation for The Man's aunt
  • Call and make hair appointment
  • walk
  • dinner= not sure if I'll be home or not.
  • work on store stuff

Kid's to do's..

  • vacuum: family room, dining room, bedroom, stairs, kitchen rug
  • pick up family room
  • Degu cage (clean it)
  • wrap boxes
  • file patches
  • put stuff on Etsy
  • Clean bathrooms
  • sweep kitchen and entryway
  • Watch Netflix movie (you all agree on)
  • plant the flowers
  • Call UPS about box
  • Make sure all books are on the shelves and in order in the school room

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