Top Selling Adult Halloween Costume on eBay for This Week

SPFX Elder Realistic Silicone Zombie Mask by Rusty Slusser Halloween Costume CFX  SOLD $920.00 by eBay Seller  Check it out HERE 


Ghostbusters Fiberglass Proton Pack Prop Halloween Costume Very Accurate  SOLD $550.00 by eBay Seller slave1pilot  Check it out HERE


Michael Myers Mask RZ Diablo by Dela Torre 2009 Rob Zombie Halloween SOLD $500.00 by eBay Seller strict-time  Check it out HERE 


Ultimate Bane Mask Replica Dark Knight Rises Costume Batman Prop for Halloween SOLD $414.27 by eBay Seller why-so-serious123  Check it out HERE  


This would scare the the bajeebus out of me..

Peter Rottentail Rabbit Monster Halloween Costume  SOLD $400.00 by eBay Seller ocalasinglguy4u Check it out HERE 

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