Tuesday’s To Do..


Snow.. we have it…

Tuesday's To Do.. (if our electricity stays on)

  • Breakfast on a snow day.. French Toast, sausage and bacon
  • School
  • make brownies & chex mix
  • Take winter photos of the kids
  • Dinner= Steak Soup & biscuits
  • work on eBay junk
  • Watch John Adams (oldest children have to write a one page report on it)
  • fix pictures
  • Enjoy the day with all of us at home 🙂


Tuesday's to Do… (if our electricity is off)

  • Cry..
  • Figure out if my friend will let us borrow his generator.
  • School
  • Figure out stuff for the children to do without electricity….
  • play cards
  • scrabble
  • Dinner= steak soup (because we have propane stove)

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