VBS Sign + Box Cutter = Emergency Room Visit

WAY Back.. at the beginning of June #3 cut her hand.  SO bad… that we had to make a little trip to the emergency room.


fingercut10#3 and her man candy… waiting to be seen.

fingercut3Soaking her hand.


#3 is part of the VBS decorating team at our church, and while she was making a sign she sliced her hand open with a box cutter.


It was a pretty deep cut.. you might notice the popsicle wrapper at the top of the photo.  We were there so long waiting for the Dr to give her two stitches that they fed us! 😉


fingercut6Here's the box cutter that did the damage.


#3 wouldn't let me take pictures of her stitches.. so here's a picture of her hand wrapped up.

**I really wanted those chairs that I saw in Home Goods… but the man said ewww.

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