Wednesday’s To Do…

Yesterday was a strange day. I woke up only to learn that the shipping department sent the wrong set of dishes (that are needed on Thursday) to someone. We had to overnight the right set to them.. which means no profit. 🙁 I thought I lost #3 in a huge building. We couldn't find her for like 20 minutes. Even #4 was crying. There is other junk.. which makes me think I should move my superstitious day to the 23 instead of the 22 😉

Wednesday's To Do

  • No School (it's a holiday)
  • clean the house.
  • Dentist appt for #1 and #2
  • wrap Christmas presents
  • make list for Advent craft night
  • plan youth group
  • Dinner = Frozen kind..
  • write up a few eBay things
  • take pictures of the Christmas decorations
  • get stuff together for meeting tomorrow

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