Wednesday’s To Do..

This is a good representation of my day yesterday.  I had someone that couldn't SPELL the simplest of words send me a nasty gram on Facebook.. but in their defense, they did manage to spell the BAD words correctly (one that rhymes with "stupid mitch").  One of the words they added into the rant was "mite nt".. as in "I mite nt (might not) be happy that you are quoting me on your blog."

The other wonderful tidbit?.. I was told by another person that  I was 'disliked so much, that they are uncomfortable to be around me."  

I guess neither of them will be in my fan club..

PS.. all of this is funny to me.. I hope you find it funny too.. 

Wednesday's To Do..

  • Take #4 to speech
  • Eat breakfast somewhere good.. because that's my Pinterest photo challenge today.
  • School the monkeys
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • Dinner= something out
  • Youth Group
  • Papers for the Man.
  • Order AKB purse.
  • Work on new degu cage
  • Make #2 move grades from old computer
  • exercise
  • Girl Scout stuff ready

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