Weird Emails from eBay’s Customer Service

In the last few months I’ve noticed I’ve received an increased number of messages from eBay.  The latest one I received says:

Hello Suzie,

This is XXX from eBay Resolution Center.

I am writing in behalf of XXX about item XXXX

The buyer has called us and let us know that she is open for a replacement but she will be needing some time to return the item because of her condition (handicapped). We strongly advise that you respond to the email and continue communicating with the buyer.  

Thank you for choosing eBay. We appreciate your cooperation. 



eBay Customer Service

The way I read this is that I was maybe NOT communicating with the buyer.  Which is not the case.  I did call eBay and they told me the buyer wanted me to wait before I closed the case.   It seems unusual to me that the customer would not just ask.

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