What I’m Angry About: eBay Edition…


OH MY GOODNESS! I received this message at 10:07pm  Central on 9/20/2013 about a bra I sold.

I received my bra today 9/20/13 and was very disappointed to see that it is stained in 2 places on the front of one cup. It is advertised as NEW with no mention of these flaws and I bid and paid a lot more for this one than I did two others from another seller that came in perfect condition. I expect an identical replacement bra to be sent out immediately or my money swiftly refunded. Please contact me ASAP

As I was composing an email to her, eBay notified me that a case had been opened at 10:22pm (of the same day)  Apparently ASAP means RIGHT NOW! to her.

The case message from her said this:

"I have sent a previous email regarding the condition of the bra I received today. It is the #### model and is stained in two areas on the front of one cup. It is definitely a "second" and should not be described as NEW which leads a buyer to believe it is flawless. I expect a full refund of $25 to my PayPal acct which was paid by my AMEX card. This is my second email request.Please respond via email ASAP. "


In my defense, the bra was new with 2 different hang tags and no stains or issues. It had 3 photos, and there were no issues to the bra. I responded to the case, and apologized, and asked her to send it back for a refund including return shipping.

She sent me this:



I will send it back on Monday via USPS, I need another beige bra sent ASAP. For my trouble and the stains all over the front of this "NEW" bra I would hope that you would send TWO. The other ones I bought identical to this one only cost me $15 each!

** You see what she did there? For her trouble she wants 2 bras now***

I responded:

I understand you are upset, I just want to see if I understand your request. You would like me to refund your money and send you two bras? In your message you said you wanted the two new bras to be beige. The one you receive was IVORY.  Once again I am very sorry the bra was not what you expected. Please send the ivory bra back FIRST CLASS MAIL (not priority)I will refund your return shipping back for first class mail.

She responds:

I do not want my money back-I would not have paid $25 for an auction bra if I did not intend to keep it. However, I was shocked to receive a NEW bra that was stained in 3 places!  I bought 2 other identical bras in the last couple of weeks for $12 and $15.I spent twice the amount for your merchandise so it is for this reason, the cost of the return shipping of the stained bra, and for my trouble that I am requesting that TWO bras be sent to replace the dirty one.I stated the color as "beige"-and it is definitely ivory that I received. I would like the ivory,but if you only have one in ivory I would accept beige for the second one. I will be waiting for your quick response to this email.

**I called eBay and the rep told me there was clear extortion here. He told me to wait the 3 business days to escalate the claim to eBay. He also said he was noting my account.**

I respond:

I will let you know as soon as the item is sent back 

***I did not proofread what I wrote***  (dumb I know)

She responds:

"I will let you know as soon as the item is sent back" is not an acceptable solution to my problem. I believe the EBay Resolution Dept would want to know that you have agreed to a solution – not make up your mind when the item is returned. Not good business, and definitely not good for favorable feedback.

** Do You think that's feedback extortion?**

I respond back:

"I'm sorry I should have said. I'll let you know as soon as the item arrives. Not as soon as it was sent back."

I then immediately called customer support again.  The agent I spoke to this time assured me that this was feedback extortion and that the buyer was trying to extort me for an extra bra.  The agent said that she would be watching this case, and the feedback. She told me to wait the 3 business days and I would be able to escalate the claim.  I felt pretty good about it after this conversation.

An hour goes by…. and I receive this:


The BUYER didn't have to wait 3 business days to "work it out"… she had the case escalated and it was found in her favor!  Which means I received a mark against me….. Seriously?

cynthia4Here's the "log" from my case notes.  Do you see September 20, at 8:56PM (PST) I agreed to refund the buyer once the item was sent back?  eBay seems to have ignored that.. and the fact that she demands 2 bras to replace 1 and if I don't do it she'll leave me a negative.. and eBay doesn't require her to wait 3 business days. I'm wondering if this lady is related to the founder Pierre. 😉

Several weeks have gone by, and the bra was returned.  The case was found in the buyers favor, but de-scored so it doesn't count against me.  The buyer did leave negative feedback.


Which was removed. 

All is well that ends well?



Here's a photo of the bra in the listing.



Here's the bra that I received back.



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