What is this Pinterest you speak of?

I'm kind of obsessed with a website called Pinterest.


Pinterest  is a kind of social networking site that lets you organize and share stuff you find on the web. So let's say you found a photo, recipe,  blog post, news blurb, picture of a home improvement idea, craft instructions, funny quote.. ANYTHING!  You can "PIN IT" to a board.  OR you can use other people's pins.  I have Pinterest integrated with my Firefox "bookmark bar", so when I see something I hit "pin it" and it saves that thing I wanted pined on the board of my choice.

You can find pinboards of all kinds.  I have the following pinboards.


Products I Love 

I collect pigs, quilts and vintage things.  This is where I pin those cool things I find.

Favorite Places and Spaces

OOOH… The stuff I pin on this board is places and spaces I love.


Stuff I want

You know.. this board is full of stuff I want.

For the home.

I think this is the board I want The Man to read.  This is all stuff I want for our home.

Recipes I should make.

This pinboard is all about food.. that I need to make.

Stuff people should make me.

You know.. you should make this for me or something.


My Style

This pin board has stuff that I like… You know stuff just for me.


Allie Cakes

This board is stuff I found for #3. 

If Some Kid Of Mine get's married

I saw so many neat or unusual wedding things, I thought it would be cool to have a wedding board.  BUT since I don't plan getting married again.. it's for my kids.


boy and cat, black cat, eBay Queen


This is #1's pinboard. The photo above is what we like to call #1's perfect man… (she has a black cat just like that.. and if she cut her hair short her curly hair would do that too)


flex my mucles, strenght, boy,s pink shirt


Sometimes I see interesting stuff for my boys.  I pin it. Then I have it for later.  Like this funny T-shirt.  What boy doesn't need a pink T-shirt that reads: "I'd flex for you but this is my favorite t-shirt."


When I see a blog I like.. I pin it!

funny, short people jokes

Funny I guess

On the "Funny I guess" board has stuff I find funny (duh) or ironic.  Or that picture above.. that is a short joke.  Because I'm not tall.

burlap wreath, crafty queen, the craft queen

Crafty Queen

So this board has all the stuff I want to create… Like that burlap wreath..

Garden Board

For all the great Gardening stuff I find.


My friend Tammy loves Halloween stuff.. and Round Oak Stoves.  When I see something I think she would love.. I pin it.

The Man, tv man

The Man

This is a sample of something that is on my "The Man" pinboard.  You see the man can fix TV's.. and well you get the rest right? 


homeschool, home school room, eBay QUeen

School Room..

On my "school room" board I pin cool homeschool stuff, or school stuff that I think I should look into.  This particular picture gave me the idea to line my kids desks up against the wall instead of putting them in the center of the room.

On my "READ?" board

I pin quotes, directions that kind of thing on my "read" pinboard.

Queen t-shirt, eBay Queen

Need? Pinboard

My Need? pinboard… has stuff I need.  You know like a QUEEN t-shirt.


This photo is from my "Christmas" pinboard. I have crafts, ornaments, beautiful Christmas trees, etc on this board.  The ornaments above are something I want to do on our tree this year, and I'd like to do it on our church's advent craft night.


I have a Girl Scout pinboard for all the cool stuff I see that I would like to do with my Girl Scouts.


This is on my "Laurel" pinboard.  I put stuff on here about photography.  My friend Laurel takes BEAUTIFUL photos.. and when I see stuff that I think she would like I pin it on her board to show her later.  If you want to look at her website go HERE


You could use Pinterest to do just about anything you want. Plan your weddings, pick out stuff you want to research to buy for eBay, decorate your homes, or organize recipes.

What makes it social, is you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

You can find me on Pinterest HERE

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