What a Snow Day looks like at Our House

Our area has received about 22" of snow in the last week, and we are currently scheduled for more tonight.  All the schools and business are closed around us..

I'm not really a snow day type of person.  No wait.. I would be a snow day type of person IF it didn't seem like we didn't always have some kind of interruption to our daily school routine.. and make it seem like we were taking a snow day on a perfectly normal day. 

Here's a look into our snow day…


My front yard.


My backyard.

We did school this morning.. and it went pretty fast.  I'm pretty sure it's because DAD is home.  When Dad's home things always seem to go better.


We look at the snow… sometimes it seems like it's the first time we've ever seen it.


We surf the internet.


We try to get our cars un-stuck.


We snuggle… and try to keep warm


We get our pictures taken in the snow.


We pretend to be  Harry Potter.


Sometimes we play in the snow.


I wrote up a HUGE mess of vintage lace.


Made a ROASTER pan full of chex mix… and


a vat of steak soup.

That's a roaster… it's what most people cook a turkey in at Thanksgiving.. I use a roaster as a crock pot.

What do you do on YOUR snow day?

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