What kind of Homeschool Mom are You? Highlights from the 2010 Conference


Friday morning I woke up bright and early (at least for me).. and apparently

my babysitter thought it was pretty early also.  Normally he’s one of the first

kids to pose for a photo..

Not so much on this morning..

I elected to take P*Tricky, #1 and #3 with me to the conference this year.

I have no idea why P*Tricky and #1 would want to hang out with a

bunch of insane parents.. and well.. me.. all day.

The homeschool conference has speakers that are fabulous. They

speak about  every topic you could imagine… and on every concern a person

could have about homeschooling.  There is also this HUGE room

full of homeschool curriculum, books, pencils, art supplies, etc..

Here’s #1 and P*Tricky checking out some of the stuff for sale.

#3 LOVES Millers Pad and Paper… it’s a super cool art supply and

book store that is one of the vendors there..

Boyscouts, boy scout troop, homeschool boyscouts

The Homeschool Boy Scout troop was building a fort…

There are all kinds of book sellers there.. this one is pretty special to me,

as they sell used classic books.

This booth had a unique way to learn.. Kind of like a modern day School

House Rock. Except I think cooler..  If you are interested in

their DVD/CD’s  check them out HERE.

Have you ever wondered what a homeschool mom looks like?

Here are two more modern examples.. one mom has on jeans

and a t-shirt.  The other is the “new” kind of homeschool mom..

with the high heel pointy toed boots, tights and cute hip dress.

This is what the “old school” home schooling mom looks like.

The long skirt, tennis shoes and her arms covered.

Which kind of homeschool mom are you?

I would like to think for me.. that there is still hope.. I am not

near as chic as the woman in the boots and tights…  maybe

next year.. I’ll wear my jeans instead of the yoga pants…

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