What’s so hard about Wisdom Teeth?

#4 had his wisdom teeth removed last Wednesday. He’s still a little swollen and bruised from it.

#4 a little swollen and bruised

He is quite possibly the most brave and chill kid so far when it comes to this surgery. He did not take a Valium before the surgery, he just walked in sat down and got it done.

HOWEVER.. when he was done the kid that is normally is SUPER reserved.. talked non-stop.

I went to pick up his drugs at Walgreen’s drive through.. The pharmacist asked for the name and he yelled. “Don’t give him my last name! We don’t know him”

#4 asked where is teeth are? #1 told him the Dr kept them. He said: “NOW HE GET’S THE TOOTH FAIRY MONEY!”

We had to wait for the drugs, and went to our local grocery store that has a Starbucks in it. I told him to sit in the car with #1 and I would go in and get him ice cream, pudding and jello. He proceeded to tell me how he could not go into the store… because he “can’t even walk right now.”

I assured him he was in good hands sitting in the car with #1. He yelled at me as I walked away from the car; “GET ME A STTAARRBUCKKS!”

I got him a decaf caramel frap, with one of the new “sippy cup lids”. I came out to the car thinking he was going to be so happy with me because I got him the frap. He said: “I can’t have that! What is wrong with you?” I reminded him he asked for it. Then he said: “Where’s my straw?”

When we arrived home I told him to wait in the car, and I would come around and help him up the walk way and stone stairs. He JUMPED out of the car and started dodging so that I couldn’t touch him. All the way up the walk and stairs he said: “You can’t help me you are tiny! If I fall you’ll be squashed!”

Just a little bruised.

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