What’s Your Missoni for Target Look Like?

While at Target today…


I thought I would check out the Missoni stuff. to see what they have.  Here is one side of the Missoni clothing rack.

Missoni in my Target store

Here's the other side.  What I found unusual.. is who much of this (almost 90%) of it was children's clothing.

end cap, missoni for target

Here's the end cap in housewares.

Currently there are 19,774 active Missoni for Target items on eBay. 74,530 closed items.  As of today the most expensive item that sold are these boots:

SOLD $31,000  Check them out HERE You might remember these… this woman was selling them to pay for her child's college.  Good for her!

In case you were wondering.. I didn't buy any today. 🙂  If they had the stacking cup and saucer set I would have. 

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