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Whooping Cough – Shots- Doctor’s Visits and Ice Cream

If you've been reading  my blog you'd know I have 7 children and one husband.  If you do the math, that means there are 7 children and 2 adults.. for a total of 9 Eads.  Back on June 16th I took 3 of those children (along with 10 other children that are not mine) to Ogala, South Dakota for a Mission Trip.  I learned yesterday that one of those children (not mine) had THE WHOOPING COUGH.  (I like to use THE in front of things because it makes me laugh)

After consulting what seems like thousands of people… I decided to take all of us to the Dr for a dose of anti-depressants anti-biotics and then to the health department for our TDAP booster shots. (we were not up to-date.. what a shock).  Some of you might be thinking, "Why did you not get a vaccine at your Dr's office?  It's a pretty simple answer.. the Dr's office didn't have that many vaccines. :/

Have you ever wondered what 9 prescriptions look like with different people's name on them?

Here you go…


I went through the drive-thru to pick these up.  They had to give them to me in 2 different loads because they wouldn't all fit.

Filled my purse too…


SHOTS! (#3 and #4)

Shots! (#5 and #4)


This kid was TOTALLY freaked out about getting a shot.  When it was over he said, "That's it?"


This little muffin didn't even make a peep.. he just gave the nurse a dirty look.

I promised my kids if they didn't throw a fit.. I would buy them ice cream afterwards.  Yes, I am that kind of mother, it's worked for me.. for almost two decades.

#4 feeding his monster.

Proof #6 got his shot.. and that he ate some ice cream.

#3 and #1 eating their ice cream.

I would have taken a photo of #1's shot.. but she felt America was not ready for a photo of her arms. 😉

This chickie (#3.5) was up to date on her shots.. and she didn't cry so she got ice cream too 🙂

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