A Little Hint…

It's getting to be that time of year… when I turn a year older and my family wants to know what to get me. Here are a few practical.. and not so practical ideas.

Rubber scrapers.. I need skinny rubber scrapers.. I would like them in green or red. EEWW.. and none of those "cup" rubber scrapers either..

Not so practical hand painted needlepoint rug canvas. Check it out HERE

The Man will think this is impractical.. but I think this would be a great purse/diaper bag. In case you were wondering this is a Vera Bradley Pleated Tote.. and it's on sale at VeraBradley.com.

Um… HELLO I don't just want this.. I need it. How can I keep my children in their place.. if I can't kick their behinds at a Wii game?

How about a bracelet? Isn't this beautiful? It's only $18.00 by Etsy Seller KIMMSMITH Check it out HERE

I think a pink and brown NIV Study bible is SUPER Practical.. and a nice gift.

I think when you look up practical.. you'll see these shoes. Nothing says MOTHER OF 6 like these bad boys.. Coach Bliss Sandals… Check these out HERE

Sweet Mother of pearl… I need these things! Really these have to be the most practical, cool things on earth!

I know this SEEMS impractical.. but really a pink crocodile laptop.. this is SO practical.. really… I promise…

OR.. you could go to Lowes and get 3 perennials for 10.00.. This is a super-fantastic idea.. Just remember.. NO YELLOW.

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