Apparently Parking Garage’s have a Height Requirement…

I took a little trip with my Youth Group to Crown Center. Normally when I'm at Crown Center I park in the "shops" parking garage the height of this garage is 6' 5". Because it was Saturday… I had to go to the "other" parking garage. Where the height is 6'1".

This is our "Super Model" Intern.. he's a bit taller than the parking garage.

Here's a photo of the EMPTY Suburban in the parking garage….I

don't know if you can tell.. but the pipes are touching the luggage rack

of my car. The car WAS NOT touching the pipes when I had 8 people

in it… but an empty suburban is a dangerous thing in a 6' 1"parking garage.

Oh.. and I can't believe the car is *REALLY* that dirty. Perhaps

it's just the lighting.

Here's a better view… oh and the car looks cleaner 🙂

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