Auction Pet Peeves…

In the last couple of years I took some time off from auctions.. I was really into “new” stuff… ok that’s not really true.  I LOVE Vintage JUNK… but new stuff is so quick and easy to write up.   ANY WAY.. I’m back going to auctions again… here are some of my auction pet peeves.

vintage green tin trash can, shabby chic

See that vintage tin trash can?  I wanted it something fierce.. (for myself) but it was 110 degrees (I’m dead serious)  inside the auction barn, and I didn’t feel like waiting.  WHY?  Well.. let me tell show you.

I know your thinking.. “these are the back of dudes heads”.. and I will say.. “Yes.. Yes they are!”  How can they be annoying?

How about this?  How can this be annoying?  You know everyone likes someone’s backside and large purse in their face..

Do you see a theme working here?   All of these people HAVE SEATS.. yet they choose to STAND in front of me and HOVER over the items instead of bidding from their seats.  (By the way their seats were on the front row too).

See!  I promise there is LOTS of seating.. why these people choose to STAND in front of me.. I have no idea.  Ok.. I know why they are doing it.. They want to bid on the items and are a bit “over anxious” about doing it.  Seriously this is one of my pet peeves.

Here’s what everyone was hovering around the table for.. lighters.   I’m going back to my corner now…

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