Best You Day 50

What did I do today? Went to church, made a smorgasbord lunch, took a nap went back to church for VBS, then had Dave Ramsey's Generation Change with the youth group.

What did I feel today? tired, happy, blessed

What do I feel grateful for today? my church.  Last year when we had VBS our building wasn't done.. we didn't have a/c and it was kind of  a mess.  This year I sat in the sanctuary and got a little misty eyed thinking about how far we've come in a year. Our church is blessed beyond measure.

What challenged me?  I was tired and a bit dis-organized

How did I overcome that challenge?  just kept on moving 🙂

What did I savor today?  The excitement and joy of the kids at VBS.

How about you? What are your answers? Here is why I'm doing this.

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