Dear Deer.. Please Stay Away..

It was 4 years ago today when I met one of these little boogers on I-35 going around 70 miles an hour. Every October I think.. about deer .. here's why.

#1 and I were headed home from a fun evening in Kansas City when

out of NO WHERE a HUGE deer was standing in front of my car.

I swerved to miss it.. but hit the front passengers side corner and the deer flew around and it's antlers hit the passenger window where #1 was sitting.

Immediately after the collision #1 started yelling.. "I CAN'T BREATHE!
I CAN'T BREATHE!" I tried to explain to her that she was talking..

so she was breathing.. but it didn't help. 😉

The repairs were almost $15,000 and took 6 weeks to complete…
I think it took so long because of the kind of car it was..

The deer of course didn't make it.. but the next day while it was going

to the shop I got to tell a guy I got a "14 point buck" at Casey's. He was not so

impressed when it found out it was with my car.

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