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eBay Joke of the Day…

I was looking for some cool stuff to sell on eBay when I found this auction.

The title of this auction: 5 x Used Female Mannequins for Thanksgiving Display. Maybe it's just me.. but why would you put "5x used" in the title… and what exactly is a USED mannequin? Whatever it is it made me laugh.

About 4 years ago #1 was writing up stuff to sell on eBay. We had some child's black swim flippers. She wrote them up; "Black Child's Swim Flippers." We had a prospective buyer email and ask if they "were only for black children, or if any child could use them."

About 2 years ago I had a pair of Calvin Klein Skinny Aviator Sunglasses" I received this message from the buyer

“I am interested in purchasing the Calvin Klein Gold Skinny Aviator sunglasses but wanted to ask a few questions… I'm not sure if these are the right sunglasses for me. I have never flown an actual plane, (although I did throw up in the flight simulator at the Strategic Air and Space Command Museum in Omaha, NE,) so I'm not as concerned about the "aviator" part, but I also do not consider myself skinny. In fact, I'm a little overweight. Since these glasses are for skinny aviators, will they make me look less fat or will they actually make me look bigger? I've tried all the fad diets out there and they've never really worked (aside from learning you should never combine a laxative and a sleeping pill.) Regardless of my size, however, I believe I am entitled to be shielded from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. Please advise.”

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