Elvis Has Entered the Building..

Since our sweet French Mastiff died a few months ago, my kids have been bugging me to get a new dog. I did a few weeks of research and we found this sweet dog..

We are told he is a Boxer-Bull Terrier Mix. His name was Remy.. but we re-named him Elvis. He really just seems like an Elvis to us.

Last Sunday we headed over to Mission Pet Connection to see if Remy um.. Elvis wanted to come home with us. This isn't a great photo.. but this is the family waiting for our first glimpse of our new puppy.

#2 with the then named Remy…

#4 playing with Elvis

He's cute huh? He always looks like he's smiling.

Here's #3 and #5 begging for Remy Elvis.

Elvis has fit in to our family pretty well. The degus and cats aren't too crazy about him.. but the kids love him. The first night he slept with #5.. which he does every night until #2 goes to bed and then he crawls under the covers and sleeps with his head on #2's pillow.

He likes to lay on the rug in the kitchen and drool (seriously) while I cook. He's super active, and isn't sure who to follow in a family of 8. I watch him lay down on The Man's feet after dinner and Elvis looks at me as if to say; "Thanks for picking me."

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