Guest Blogger: McDonald’s and Construction Workers makes for the Best Day Ever!

Wednesday we stopped by McDonald’s for lunch… we were a little late for lunch (almost 2pm). My plans were to head through the drive thru, but the line was out into the street! I sent #2 and #3 in to get our food.  I pulled around  and saw they were re-paving a couple of parking spots.  We parked as close as we could get so #4 and #5 could check out the action.

**From here on out #4 is my guest blogger.  He wanted to tell you our cool concrete story.

Here’s #5 I mean Iron man checking out the action.

Here’s the concrete coming down the shoot.  It didn’t come down as

fast as I thought it would.

This is me (and mom) checking out  the workers.

The workers are filling in the the low spots….

They are smoothing out the concrete here.

Note from MOM: The interesting thing?  McDonald’s workers were

doing the work.  Well.. not the guy in the yellow vest.. but there

were 2 McDonald’s employees doing the work.

This is me.  I was really happy in this picture.

I’m really glad McDonald’s drive thru was so busy so we could watch

the concrete truck.  I think my brother is happy too.

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