Happy Birthday to My Sweet Baby Brother..

My brother and his beautiful wife.

Today is my sweet baby brother's birthday.  I remember my mom and dad telling me I was going to have another brother or sister.. (I had just had a baby sister a few months earlier).  I rode my bike around our neighborhood thinking.. we are going to have 5 people in our house… FIVE.  That seemed like a lot to a 9 year old girl that didn't know she would one day live in a house with 8 other people. 

On the day he was born I was sitting in my 4th grade classroom in Wichita Kansas.  My dad came walking into the class with one yellow rose.. and told me that my sweet baby brother was here.  I wanted to go back to the hospital to see him and my mom.. but my dad said I couldn't. 🙂

I had lots of fun with him growing up.  He loved watching He-man, riding his Big Wheel, and playing the Atari with me. When I got my drivers license, he kissed the guy that gave me the test!

Happy Birthday to Jay! I love you so!

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