He’s a Little Runaway…

Monday night I went to the auction..and left all my children at home. Apparently #1 made #5 so mad…

mother of the year, my child runs away from home, the runaways

He decided to runaway.  #1’s story is that #5 was mad because she told

him “no.”  He told her that he was running far, far away to California.

She told him “fine.”  10 minutes later she heard the front door open and she found

him packed and heading out.

Here’s what he packed.  I’m pretty impressed with his choices. Jeans, t-shirt,

a jacket, pj’s. Probably the most interesting thing… he took a photo of his

brothers and sisters.  The oddest thing he forgot? Shoes..

All of this because he couldn’t have a fudge bar before dinner!

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