I Went To Some Sales.. and This is All I Got.

I've neglected my readers that like to look at the places I go to buy eBay junk.  Here's some of the places I've been and junk I've seen over the last month.

I went to this really cool estate sale.. in a beautiful house.  I wish I could have taken a photo of the pool out back..

This was ONE person's white shirts.. Seriously? Who has this many white shirts?

Lovely little breakfast area.  I liked the floral valance.

I wanted this table… and came on 1/2 off day.. but this wasn't 1/2 off.  I would like a table like this (skinny and narrow) for my new desk in the school room.

See this set up?  I would like something like this for my school room desk(s).  2 skinny tables… Black would be nice.. because I'm going to have black furniture in the school room.

I get a little nervous taking photos in peoples houses… So excuse the blur.. it's my nervousness 🙂  I love this old headboard turned into a bench.  I believe I'm going to do something like this for my entryway.

Local auction.. Gold glasses

Instant beach!

Consignment Sale.. Sounds better than it was. 🙁

Sorry for the blurriness… All they had was kids stuff.  I know what you are thinking.. doesn't she have nothing but KIDS?  Yes.. but they have plenty of stuff.  I'm out looking for stuff to sell… and this stuff was HIGH $.

I really wanted this… but I didn't get it.

On to the "golf" garage sale…


I bought this junk… 🙂 Most of it for me.. Sad isn't it?

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