Let Sleeping Babies Lie…

A couple of days ago #6 REFUSED to go to sleep.  This is pretty normal behavior my children.  You see we they don't like to miss out on anything.  I think they got this from their father 😉  I tried everything, and he would not go to sleep.  I got up, and started to collect our stuff to go into the family room so that we could hang out in there and not wake The Man.  I turned around and saw this….

He had fallen asleep on *MY* pillow.

He looks pretty comfortable doesn't he?

There's The Man.. fast asleep and his blue eyed mini- me on the other side… MY SIDE. 


I didn't leave him there.. because it not safe for a baby to sleep on a pillow.. in a big bed so close to the edge etc.. I just thought it was funny that as soon as I stopped holding him and trying to get him to sleep.. he went to sleep! 🙂

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