Memorial Day and eBay… a Strange Pairing..

When I started looking up Memorial Day stuff.. I thought i would be interesting to see what was selling… I thought MAYBE there would be some flags, stamps or vintage post cards. I had NO idea the top Memorial Day term would be for a cemetary. It makes sense.. it just surprised me.

Pretty high dollar place to be buried huh?

Two Westwood Memorial Park Gravesites $225,000.00 (or Best Offer) Selling by eBay Seller deedeelea Check it out HERE

Here’s what they say about it: World-famous Westwood Memorial Park is serenely nestled in the heart of West Los Angeles and is a favorite final resting place of many Hollywood movie stars and movie industry greats. The gravesites for sale in this auction are each double depth plots allowing for 4 caskets, thus perfectly accommodating a family. The graves are in the very desirable center section of the park where there are no longer any sites available for sale by the cemetery. They are pleasantly shaded by a stately tree and located between Natalie Wood and producer Darryl Zanuck. Also, they are just steps from the crypt of Marilyn Monroe.

The pictures show the location (arrow) as well as the view from the graves. Westwood Memorial Park is a lovely cemetery located in the high-rent district of Westwood, off Wilshire Blvd. It is wonderfully quiet and serene; while in the park, one becomes unaware of its proximity to the city.

Here is a list of just a few of the Hollywood personalities that are buried at Westwood Memorial Park: Marilyn Monroe Natalie Wood Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau George C. Scott Brian Keith Frank Zappa Burt Lancaster Dean Martin Farrah Fawcett

For a more complete listing of the stars buried in the park and some interesting information about the Park, you can visit this site:

The current owners of these gravesites are the surviving family of the previous owners of the Westwood Memorial Park. Even though their parents are buried here, they would prefer to make other arrangements for their own burial.

The gravesite is Section D, Lot #56, Graves 7 and 8 with double interment rights. Owners have in their possession the Certificate of Interment Rights and Receipt.

Once the funds have been received by the family trust, the transfer of The Certificate of Interment Rights will be administrated by Westwood Cemetery. Seller will pay all transfer fees of the certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the gravesite only and does NOT include funeral preparation, transportation of the deceased or other related services.

Majestic Pieta marble Memorial $59,400 by eBay Seller finesgallerysales. Check it out HERE

Here's what they had to say about it: This incredible monument features a majestic and elegant design with a fountain balustrades flower planters and a magnificent statue replica of the Pieta by Michelangelo. Sculpted from fine white marble with ornate blue tile artwork.

Do you really think a "star" wants to be buried next to you?

Westwood memorial Funeral Cemetery Burial Plot Crypt $41,595.00 by eBay Seller shopitla Check it out HERE

Here’s what they have to say about it: This crypt is located in the beautiful Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park in lovely West Los Angeles. Numerous stars and celebrities have been interred her including Marilyn Monroe, Walter Matthau, Dean Martin, George C. Scott and even Frank Zappa. As you can see, Westwood Memorial Garden is professionally landscaped and maintained and there are numerous benches for quiet reflection. (this is not the plot directly above Marilyn Monroe, hers is around the corner)

Your crypt is number G-15 (Second Floor) and is located in the Sanctuary of Prayer. This crypt comes with receipt and Certificate of Internment Rights. Please see the photos for further details and feel free to contact us with any questions. This is an exclusive memorial park and space is limited – don't miss this amazing opportunity!

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the crypt only and does NOT include funeral preparation, transportation of the deceased or other related services.

Family Gazebo Memorial $26,400 by eBay Seller finesgallerysales Check it out HERE

Here’s what they have to say about it: Family Gazebo Memorial – MEM-158

This elegant family memorial is designed as a beautiful gazebo made from fine white marble and featuring Greek style columns balustrades and a decorative iron ceiling. In the center is a finely crafted open book with inscribed names.

Width: 108(in) Depth: 108(in) Height: 105(in)

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