Monday’s To Do

This kid (#2) would sit outside in his wagon wrapped in a blanket.. I'm not sure why.

Monday's To DO..

  • Do something with my hair
  • mop the kitchen
  • go through toys on the main level
  • work on eBay stuff
  • Dust
  • Piano lessons
  • Dinner= BBQ pizza, salad
  • Make Flyer for after school program

This has nothing to do with my Monday's To Do.. but I was going to write a blog post about this, and have not been able to get around to it.  If you don't read Candance Cameron Bure's blog you missed this post HERE  about Three Immodestly Dressed Women who walk into church.  It's a short read, and well worth the time, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A believer.  It might change your perspective on how you see people, because judgement doesn't have a relgion.

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