Monday’s To Do…

Pretty much this should be my new name….

Monday's To Do..

  • School the monkey's
  • exercise
  • write article
  • work on youth group stuff
  • finish school room and take photos
  • RETAKES… of school pictures
  • Dinner= Chili dogs, french fries, salad
  • Help # 1 with planing of Wed and babysitting thing
  • write up eBay junk
  • cobwebs.. get rid of them  (#3 needs to dust)
  • Work (SOME MORE) on confirmation class
  • Print out Spelling stuff..
  • Call Nazarene Church about Girl Scouts
  • lesson plans
  • Fix gallery photos
  • write up books for a friend
  • clean the house
  • laundry
  • send in netflix stuff

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