Monday’s To Do..

bumblebee, transformers, nerd

Take me to your leader… Actually this is something more in the line of.. Bumblebee! Roll Out!

Monday's To Do:

  • exercise
  • school the monkey's
  • make a new list of "needs"
  • Finish up stuff with #1 on next weeks JAM
  • pick up my messy house
  • move furniture
  • put bed on craiglist
  • vacuum the school room
  • call school
  • Dinner= Mongolian beef , and shrimp potstickers
  • Get First day of school mobiles up
  • have children remove piles of JUNK in front of the stairs
  • Get October's confirmation done.. ie.. find old confirmation book
  • follow up on under 30 Sunday School class
  • Check about Girl Scout using Nazarene church
  • Get grades in grade book
  • Receipts together for church
  • car cleaned out
  • Finish School room

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