Rainy Day’s and Monday’s…

lost, freak show, crazy for a tv show

You should know.. I’m obsessed with a TV show.  Maybe you are too… I never watched

Lost when it was on TV.  I only started “renting” them on Netflix… and I am obsessed.

#1 and 2 love it too.  I am wishing my netflix would be here tomorrow.. (it won’t)..

so until Tuesday.. I’ll be the one with the shakes… going through withdraw over a TV show.

1. Make the monkey’s do their chores

2. Write up eBay Stuff.

3. Plan Youth Group.

4. Work on Shopping cart with #2

5. Work on reading with #4

6. Dinner = Fajitas, spoon bread, cilantro lime rice The man didn’t come home for dinner.. so we had scrambled eggs.. he and #2 were working at the church.

7. Read books to the monkeys (summer reading program)

8. 30 min on the Wii

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