Rules or Easy? Which Path Would You Take?

I had a buyer say this:

“Hi, I purchased this ring at full price last nite. Would you be willing to refund the difference in the sale price of today as a gesture of good will and customer service? I would prefer to do that rather than order it again at the sale price and return the first to you for a full refund. I hope this is acceptable and would be much appreciated. Thanks!”

The rules say:

“No discounts given on prior purchases”

Would you give the partial refund?

1 thought on “Rules or Easy? Which Path Would You Take?

  1. I would give a partial refund. The timing of the sale is rather unfortunate, but I’m assuming the item hasn’t even been shipped. It would be good customer service, and I wouldn’t want to have to go through the return process and have a grumpy buyer.

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