So What Are you Doing Tomorrow?

Here’s Day 3 of my daily to-do list. I was semi-successful yesterday

**Winter Fun is an all day craft day for Girl Scouts in our area.  They will be making aprons, daisy may baskets, door hangers, decorating cookies, bottle cap necklaces, Felted heart wreaths, Heart clips, flower pins and hair bobs.

  • Leave the house at 7:30AM (this is amazingly early for me) I’m more of a evening person.
  • Winter Fun starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:30
  • Clean up from Winter Fun Come home and relax!
  • Figure out the new eBay Fee schedule
  • Get my food and GS blog in order (won’t happen today)
  • Dinner is Chicken and Noodles with mashed potatoes
  • Wrap #4’s Birthday Presents
  • Deliver the last of the Girl Scout Cookies (won’t happen today)
  • Count Cookie Money
  • Write my Ask the eBay Queen Blog
  • Answer eBay emails
  • I lost all my blogs for January 11-17th Get those back up…  (won’t happen today)
  • Fix photos from Winter Fun
  • Relax…

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