Sometimes When You Homeschool, a Change of Scenery Will Do You Good

You know that song by Sheryl Crow? It goes.. a change will do you good… you know a change (a change) will do you good. Sometimes that’s how it is with homeschooling. We just need someplace different a change of scenery to make school go smoother.

When that happens I load up the kids and we go some place different to do school.

On this day, we went to Chick-fil-a. #4 loves the “Cow Place”

Now if you haven’t been to Chick-fil-a to eat your missing out… their food is fabulous.

BUT they also have an indoor play place (for breaks) and free wifi. It’s

just what we need when the walls feel like they are closing in on us at home.

Before you say it… I know, I know.. my kids have on shorts, coats and flip flops.

This drives their father/principal crazy…

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