Strange eBay Question of the Day…

I’m selling an Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Computer Game called the Death Knights of Krynn. It’s an older game, and is on a floppy disk.

Here’s the question:

I have two copies of this game that I bought on ebay for the PC

Unfortunately I cannot get the 5-1/4" disks to read!

If I let you sell one copy or just paid you, could you make me a cd with it?

Same situation with Champions of Krynn…

I already have Dark Queen of Krynn on CD from the 5 game Gold Box, but if you have it, I wouldn’t mind a backup copy… Again, I have the disks for it and am willing to let you sell them. (I haven’t bothered to get set up as a sell, although since I got Paypal, I might… But frankly, I’d prefer to have someone else sell them. I can only ebay effectively at the library for the moment.

Do you know if these games will play on a laptop?

I believe he’s asking me to make a copy of a game.. and sell his.. What do you think?

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