The Picture of Attitude

attitude, cat, the picture of a problem

This is Rusty.  He’s not my cat.  I guess you could call him my

brother-in-law.  Ok.. he’s my mother-in-law’s cat.  He’s pretty

cute huh?  I was over at her house Sunday, and as usual, I love

to watch this cat.

I don’t know if this gives you an idea of how big he is.. but he’s HUGE.

I called his name.. and he gave me this look.  You’ll notice he didn’t really

even look at me.  He’s too cool for me.  I did sneak him some chicken during

dinner.. and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge me!

attitude, cat, the picture of a problem

When I reminded him about the chicken.. he gave me this look.

I think he’s giving me the stink eye!  Whatever Rusty… I know

you like me.. even if you don’t act like it.

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