The Suzie Eads Reality Bus Tour Through Wichita, Kansas

A little known fact about me… when I was a child I lived in Wichita Kansas… Just for fun we took last Friday and went to Wichita to do a little eBay scouting and check out the places where I hung out in 4th and part of 5th grade.


Here's the muffins (except for #1 she's in the front seat next to me)

We went to a pet store where we saw these cuties… Hedgehogs!


We drove by the first house I lived in on Beechy Street.  This house house had the craziest kitchen cabinets. If Intagram would have been around then, I'm sure my mother would have put them up!  We didn't live in this house very long… I remember riding my bike here, and wearing the coolest gold velvet and tulle dress for Halloween. (I was a princess.. that's a shock right?)  My little sister Amy was born when we lived in this house.  My dad traveled for his job, and he bought a Doberman home to keep us safe.  The Doberman would whine and cry ALL NIGHT and would only eat deer meat (which we didn't have).. to say this dog made my mother crazy is an understatement.


We moved to this house on Gretchen lane. I really liked this house. My best friend was Melanie, and we played Charlie's Angels, and I was SURE her brother was a spy. It was in this house if found out that Elvis died. My dad still traveled a lot for his job, and he was worried about the BTK killer that was in Wichita at the time. He installed phones in the bathrooms of our house so if something happened the kids (that were usually locked in the bathroom) could call for help.  My bedroom was the first window on the right.  I had the coolest cubby hole in this room, and I would climb up in it and read or play Barbies. 


That building in the background is Kos Harris Elementary… where I went to school, and I crossed that bridge to get there.  It was this school my dad came in to tell me my little brother was born.

Grace Presbyterian Church.. the church we went too. I love the stone on it.


When we go somewhere new, we always try to eat some place that we've never eaten before.  On this day we ate at Jeanne's Cafe.  If you are ever in Wichita.. you should eat there.. it's pretty dang good!



This kid LOVES salad.

We mailed a few packages….


Went shopping.. ate a little ice cream…

These two were exhausted.


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