Thursday’s To DO

allieandkelsieoldnavyThrowback Thursday…  #3.5 and #3

Thursday's To Do

  • School
  • work on store
  • fix pictures
  • Figure out everyone's schedule for next week (because I think there is some overlap)
  • Plan school for the month of November
  • Dinner= something out
  • Piano Lessons for #3, 3.5, 4,and 5
  • Dance for #3 and #3.5
  • figure out what I am watching on Netflix since I'm almost finished with my season (don't laugh it's a big decision for me) 🙂
  • Get Halloween stuff together
  • Thanksgiving plans?
  • Write article since I have a Dentist appt in timbucktoo
  • Work on WOW presentation

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