To Mark as a Gift Or Not.. That is the Question On Customs Forms.


Here's the background story… 

Sunday night  I sold an item for 18.99 to a buyer in Thailand. She paid for it immediately and Monday morning she sent me this through eBay messaging.


"Hello! Please write on the package that it is a gift and specify the total cost of  less than 10.00.  In Thailand have a large tax fee! Thank you."

I responded:

"I can not write gift on the package. I can get in trouble from the post office. I am very sorry."

She then countered with:

"Strange denial. I buy a lot on the internet and no one had any problems with my request. In the postal receipt is a special line – the 'gift.'"

I responded:

"It is also against eBay rules. My business helps support my family of 9. I can not take a chance on losing it. Here is the info from eBay (Check it out HERE)"

She responded with this:


"I do not understand what the problem is to write gift on the package?  I asked you write this when I paid.  But you sent the item before then informed me that they can not fulfill my request.  I not want to create problems for you, and I hope I will not have problems when I receive this item.  In Thailand the limit on the import of goods is valued at $30."

I responded:

"The problem is, it is against the law." The item was sent off and was not marked a gift.  However, you paid 18.99 + shipping, and that was still under the Thailand $30.00 cap."

She responded:

"you lie"


Oh My Goodness.. I think I'm going to just let this go…. but I didn't mark it as a gift.

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