Wednesday’s To Do.. Mission Trip Edition


Wednesday’s To Do..

6:00   Fix Breakfast (their cook is ill so I’m helping out)

7:00    Wake Up

7:30  Breakfast

8:00  Quiet Time

8:30  Make sack lunches for the work groups to take out

9:00  Work Groups leave.. Projects: Power Washing Chairs & Desks * Hang Cabinets * Dry Wall and paint * Misc Church work (my group is doing this) that includes: Steam Vac church, peel tape off basement floor and replace with new design, Clean shuttle and silver van, Clean under kitchen sink, Hand Vac pews, Clean plate warmer and food prep table, clean and organize chair room, prep bulletin boards, Scrub White Chairs, clean Ramp room.

12:00  Lunch

4:00 work groups return to church

4:30  Shower and Free time

6:00 Combined Dinner & New Creation Youth Group

8:00 Free Time

8:45  Small Group

10:30 Quiet time

11:00 Lights Out

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