What’s the Deal with that Plastic Thing on Your Hand?

Do you see it here? That white thing on my right hand? (by the way I'm making "What the French Toast" here)

Look… there it is again… making Chicken & Noodles

And here again making Meatloaf my kids will eat

Here it is close up..

My sweet #4 gave it to me… 1 year ago! It's one of those plastic things that holds the sales tags to your clothes.. etc. He gave it to me in June of last year. #4 said; "If you wear it, we are married". So I wear it.

I didn't think it would last 2 months… and I'm amazed it's lasted a year.

I think it's pretty sweet he gave it to me. I don't take it off, except to show people. Sometimes I get the funniest questions about it. Most people want to know what it is, and why I would wear it. Now YOU know 🙂

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