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Where Did the Time Go?

Facebook has this application called “Wedding Book”.  Wedding book keeps track of how many days until your wedding.. and then after your married how many days you’ve been married.  As a joke I put it on my page… and today I’ve been married 5000 days.  The man promised me back at day 4750 (or so) he do something special with me..  I wonder if he’ll remember?

When I was thinking about my blog for today, I was going to put up a photo from our wedding:

wedding day kiss, weddings, you may kiss the bride

A bit blurry.. but you get the point 😉

If you want to see some more wedding stuff go HERE.

Instead I think I am going to embarrass myself a little..  The night before my anniversary I wanted to take a nice photo of  the two of us together.  I totally forgot to do it until he had taken a shower and was in bed.  I got my camera anyway.. and thought “I just snap a couple of cute head shots.. we can make it work.”  You know something like this one:

Ok.. maybe this isn’t a good example.. because well.. it’s not a good

photo..but you get the point.

Here are the photos I took that night:

This looks like he’s some famous guy and I’ve drugged him in order

to get a photo with him. Kind of like in Sixteen Candles when the

geeky Ted takes a photo with Carolyn “the Prom Queen” (who is so

inebriated she can’t open her eyes) so people will believe they were out together.

Not really any better.. but at least he is smiling so you *know* I’m

not taking advantage of him 😉

This one is better.. he sorta has his eyes open..

This one looks like he just woke up from his drug induced stupor

to find some crazy woman next to him.

Happy 5000 Day Anniversary!

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