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You Are Good At Things.. Book Review or Something..

While browsing Barnes and Noble I found this interesting book in the Self Help section called "You Are Good At Things a Checklist"  by Andy Selsberg.  It caught my eye and made me laugh a little..   The book is a series of things to check off to make you feel better about yourself.  Here's some of that I thought I could check off..

  • Noticing new haircuts
  • making it to the hotel pool before it closes
  • Sensing how many sheets the stapler can handle
  • Inserting swear words into regular words
  • misquoting
  • wearing pants
  • Estimating if a crowded elevator is overweight
  • Applying reverse psychology
  • Applying double reverse psychology
  • Making dismissive gestures
  • Announcing you could make a salad at home for cheaper
  • Tying shoes and ties on someone else's body

Having very specific ideas about how you like your tea

  • Laughing at yourself
  • Signing documents on other peoples backs
  • Pulling a Fast one
  • Assuming it will all be online
  • Living the dream

Some of the one's I haven't done… but thought were funny:

  • Getting out of bone marrow donation requests
  • Telling Professional Coaches what to do (I had quite a few old boyfriends that could do this)
  • Knowing just how high you can toss a baby before it gets dangerous.
  • Being fearless about trying other people's prescriptions
  • Straddling the line between appropriate and inappropriate butt patting
  • Scrubbing away shame in the shower
  • Wiping that smirk off your face
  • Knowing the appropriate level of participation and enthusiasm when at a worship service not of your religion.
  • Following through with threats to write a children's book.
  • Announcing whenever you're keeping it real
  • Catching drifts
  • Keeping the line moving

This is a cute and funny book.. It will make you laugh.

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